Out-takes and emotions

30th January 2015

kate kate

Naughty…Thursday slipped by into the abyss of red wine and music and I lost my sense of reality…but fear not the hang over was/is karma for my slack commitment. As the rules clearly state I have posted several images. A few are the out takes from The Kate Tempest shoot for the Sunday Times a while back. Kate insisted that I needed to capture her authentically. We both agreed that the best images came from an origin of truth. This section was my favorite part of the shoot as it was just the two of us instead of an audience. She gave a powerful and emotive performance and when she repeated this same poem later in the day she stopped and said it didn’t feel real and I knew what she meant. In this moment when I shot her it did. She meant the words and they were fresh, it was touching and engaging.


The second is from an outtake from the TIME shoot. The boys roughly knew of each other but there was an element of competing for the cover title. Nonetheless they seemed to relish the morning off school. When I look back at this image I can really identify each of their characters. Some shy and introverted, others distanced and confident and some playful and boisterous. Each posture and reaction to the dog was such a clear reflection of what they revealed to me on the day. It reminds me that standing back and observing is essential on a shoot, you need to listen to your subject before you ask another question.