Ferris wheels and radio shows…

23rd January 2015

A few years ago my little sister moved to Berlin. Whilst I visited her we naturally decided to break into a famous abandoned theme park that was neglected, draped in vines and promised adventure. This tale ended sadly and after climbing the 8-foot high fence she suddenly gained a new fear of heights, and fences. After much squabbling she took a leap of faith only to land on her ankle and look at me with tear filled eyes and murmur…”I just broke my foot”.

Determined to fulfill our destiny late last year we revisited the site ready to tackle the fence. However, it had grown. Clearly we had not been the only ones to trespass and security had been stepped up. Undeterred we circled the fence like hungry wolves and I spotted a burrow. Genius. Under rather than over…much safer.

Scampering under with two new friends who passed by and saw us inside we sneaked about exploring the overgrown deceased park. It was fun, we felt like rebels. This giant wheel creepily turned, screeching and whining. As expected we turned a corner and BUSTED…

I visited a few universities this week to talk. I was asked if I always knew I wanted to be a photographer and I replied that, yes, I did. Photography is my passion, my identity and something I dream of doing for the rest of my life, but I’m open-minded. I applied for a job at thisamericanlife a few years back for example.

I mentioned how I used to approach photographers for assisting and what the expectations are of a good assistant. I bashfully retold a story of me writing an email to David Bailey with the headline:” You’re never gonna read this David, but…”

He never replied

Scrolling my emails this morning I saw one titled: Interested in co hosting a radio show?
I excitedly clicked on it not putting two and two together…
The student candidly explained she would be glad to assist me should the opportunity arise

I thought it was genius and made me smile