Image of the week… Only a few more days until the project ends

27th June 2023

Only a few more days until the project ends 🙁
Huge thanks to @autographabp h @accumulate_ldn and @adam_kammerling !

What a journey we’ve been on!
This poem by Jade evoked so many ideas. This is an image from the edit which didn’t make the wall. Thank you to everyone who supported this (including Clem and Bruno’s amazing girls!)

One night I woke and thought I was swimming
in the river Nile. When I was in Africa, me and my twin sister and our neighbour’s children used to walk to collect water from the Nile. The water from the Nile was our friend we swam inside it, drank from it, in the fisherman’s boat we rowed out to where the water was deep. We loved every minute collecting
water from the Nile. The Nile loved us back and made sure the fisherman did not catch us red-handed otherwise we would be beaten, still that was better than being reported to our stepmother. The water was our real mother:
it helped us enjoy our time collecting for the household we were just five years old. Sometimes it wanted to swallow us.
The Nile was not happy when I lost my sister
and came with other girls. It flew up and almost swept me away
I asked water to forgive me and still be my beloved
once calmed the water allowed me to walk inside and swim alone
not really alone but with my twin sister and half sister, water. When I write a poem I think of my two sisters; Jane and Water
Because they are always with me. You think you have lost a sister but then water is always with you, wherever you go, wherever I go, Water.

Wow Jade! Thank you for such a beautiful piece. #inspiration #creativefusion #collaboration