Image of the week… Ions ago I met @joezephdoyle

27th June 2023

Ions ago I met @joezephdoyle . I wont lie; I crushed on his James Dean meets Oasis vibe and our banter was always filled with belly laughs and silliness.
Skip forward a decade and we have remained great friends and reunite with ease and with a common desire to roam and play. We connect as lone wolves who deep down love to be social but also crawl into our caves.
Since Ive known him he seems to remain constant. He loves a Guinness and to escape to the Irish countryside to sing in a local pub and hide away from the city. Then balance this out with the Yang of the LA social scene .
A city and country mouse sewn together. I can relate. The two extremes – a love and hate for both.

I took this Polaroid many years ago when we reunited for a fleeting day. We played with my 5×4 and I must have been around 30 as I bought it as a gift for myself and wanted to untangle the process.
Love you matey -OAO x