Image of the week… Last year I approached @accumulate_ldn with an idea

27th June 2023

Last year I approached @accumulate_ldn with an idea I’ve wanted to pursue since 2011.
After approaching several charities, I was finally able to make this happen and the experience has been so beautiful.
The power of words and the relationship they have with imagery is a Rubik’s cubes I’ve been toying with forever. My typical process is to show enough in a picture to trigger a narrative and then sprinkle some words in to paint my personal experience.
Images need to hold enough mystery so that we can attach our own narratives to them. I believe we need them to be subjective enough to feel personal but emotional enough to connect.
So where do words creep in? Can they ruin the mystery and close the door or can they provide another path?
This is something I wanted to explore.
The concept:
Work with an incredibly talented creative writer who can spend a few months working with participants to develop a piece of powerful writing. This could be a poem, song, script- anything.
Held by certain themes for guidance these pieces would be created through activities that not only develop writing skills but also explore what words mean and our relationship to them.
As these pieces develop, I respond with imagery.
Then taking the imagery back to the sessions the participants would develop this with me, critique the work and soundboard with me to create something that resonates with their work.
Working in such a short space of time was something I had underestimated. I often develop my ideas over several months and the true scope of the pieces hasn’t arrived until the final weeks. This was a challenge.
This is the first of 8 images that will be part of the edit.
This is from Leo. From day one Leo’s commitment to @accumulate_ldn is testament to the work they do. The variety of sessions they provide has been a huge part of improving his physical health.

After a severe allergic reaction to measles immunisation 12 years ago he developed intractable hiccups. These can happen at any time and go on endlessly.
He can’t focus, think straight or breathe (he literally suffocates).

Leo lost his home and job and was forced to abandon his studies.
Coming to these sessions provides a healthy distraction and seeing how his voice has developed is incredible.

We decided to create this image in the response to Leo’s writing about his journey. Our aim was to isolate the starting point of his hiccup in his body and shine light on his recovery.
Soon Leo will reveal his text that I hope will add yet another layer to this image.