Just like Google

6th September 2019

Resisting the urge to Google image search a location I’m soon to visit is near impossible. It often spoils the surprise, the 3D version is usually a slight anti climax.

Linda was a small ‘village’ on route to Queenstown and Google revealed an aerie derelict concrete building with an oversized CAFE sign ironically broadcasted on the ruins.
We pulled in and wandered over to the grey carcass to inspect. The deafening sound of a TV blasted from a small makeshift house attached. A giant of a man emerged, broad shoulders and a furrowed brow.
He entertained us with brief small talk, explaining he bought the land to live in peace and quiet and we didn’t press for why he had clearly fled off grid. He kindly let us explore what remained.
“So is this Linda? As in the entire village” I asked.
“Yup- this is it “

Huh…so Google really did reveal everything…
Like a ghost I spotted Kurt sweep past one of the windows that remained as I clambered the boggy grounds; gripping tightly to any branches I could find.
I settled on this room, it felt like a painting – so still and quiet.

I wanted to shoot some more of the inside out film I have been forever testing and QT seemed more fitting than anywhere. The submarine orange glow of the water from the sulphate was a contagious theme we kept stumbling across. The trees were white on many roads leading up to the town. One part we cruised by was abundant with white frightened twigs. From the distance it looked like we were inside a hairbrush.