From different lands

3rd October 2019

All I want is silence. It’s a simple but invaluable luxury. Im in my favourite apartment in Jerusalem but cutting through me is deafening and relentless music from a neighbour. Tiredness is pushing my tolerance level down a few notches.
Im on a frustrating but inspiring and challenging project. I feel like I am spending my time sliding along a grapevine of meetings. I really hope something comes of this but in the mean time I am absorbing the wonderful stories and trying to stay positive and strong minded.
Someone recently shared a project with me a photographer completed on Hassidic Jewish women. Her long term project echoed my discoveries and she spoke eloquently about her images. I took a deep breath and reflected on the past 8 years of research and shooting, time and patience. I then spoke to myself like I would speak to a friend.
” No idea is unique. Your project has given you a connection, an experience and taught you a huge amount. You are not producing images for any other reason than to learn, so continue to challenge yourself with integrity.”

Producing work often becomes overshadowed with self doubt and frustration. I want to share some images from Tas again because they remind me that actually my images usually arise from wandering and just trying to form connections. Nothing can be forced. Patience and an open mind usually lead to an image, a conversation and an experience.