I’ll never miss a train again

7th December 2012

After finally reaching Ashleigh and hearing the news that my 2nd womb sharer ( aka Best friend Danny) was to fleet off for a year of travels it was time to book a trip to Glasgow….

Aboard the sleeper train and with dibs on top bunk (despite being alone) I anticipated a reunion with the weens and Ashleigh and meeting her new fiancé Ryan.

With my Santa bags packed I arrived to find little Ayesha in her pjs and the look of recognition was a relief. Big hugs all round and politely excited thank you’s matched gleaming eyes as they buried themselves in wrapping paper and squeals.

Ashleigh’s new fella was a refreshing addition to my visit. Ryan was daddy now and showed it clearly with his affection to the weens and numerous trips to nursery and the shops. The couple is clearly loved up and I enjoyed their teasing amongst the often strangely mature adult family scene.

This image was on our way back from collecting Shawn from nursery. Without a second thought Ryan offers a shivering Shawn his jumper. Cloaked down to his ankles and looking a bit like E.T he waited patiently as Ryan bought the family dinner.

The two days passed quickly and as I left I wondered how long it would be until I see them again. In future posts I will reveal more of the visit…

As I hurried back to collect my bags little did I know that I would miss my train and thanks to the beyond helpful hands of Miss Daniela Carson I somehow made use every mode of transport known to mankind before arriving back in London at early hours… hence the late post…OAO xx