Cheer up….

29th November 2012

strood 001

“Why do people look so sad in some of your pictures?”…. Wandering in a sleepy Strood some time ago I encountered a couple of very knackered looking lads. They’d been playing footy all afternoon and as the sun set they cut through the churchyard to venture home. I ambushed them and asked them if I could take their portrait. They were intrigued and instantly agreed. We chatted about their game – ( I admit football is not my strongest subject.)

Despite a touch of angst and melancholy they had a sense of mystery in their gaze. Perhaps as an audience we desire to see optimistic images of ourselves and others, to look back on moments with fondness and reclaim or create a happy memory. However I avoid asking my subjects to “smile please for the camera” I try to capture the quiet moment, perhaps sometimes the awkward silence and vulnerable encounter we are sharing.

Bon nuit , OAO x

OAO xx