Image of the week… Gone are the bleak winter days where time fleets

25th June 2023

Gone are the bleak winter days where time fleets and colour hides. I’m back in the forest baby!
This time the golden hour is showing all its flare as @janstradtmann and I roam the silky Bergwitz lake. We catch up calmly sucking in the slow silence interrupted only by gigantic swarms of gnats.
I remind him of the time we both stepped directly on a tick’s nest last year and spent the evening hoovering ourselves. I recall squealing as a few swam past me in the bath.

So, yup, I’ve decided to return and see the Dubener Heide in a different season. Pieter (fully clothed) greets me with an awkward hug before carrying on diligently hosing the garden.
It feels strange to be without my brother @bert.villa but I’m already settling into the creaky charming abode and looking forward to switching off.
As per tradition once I find my dummy phone tomorrow, I shall be app-less and basic as hell.
Unfortunately, a short trip but see you in a fortnight Instagram, WhatsApp etc- Ill be on message, email and handwritten letters only xx OAO