Image of the week… Ella – The playground – Island Symmetries

25th June 2023

Ella – The playground – Island Symmetries (Tas)
That time that @sian_scott_clash and I found ourselves driving down a motorway with three 8 year olds we had met just hours ago strapped into the back of her vintage golden Merc. The seatbelts drowning their dainty limbs as they screamed the lyrics to Missy Elliot, swinging their heads with adrenaline. We missed our turning and as I hit a main road Sian and I clocked each other a look of panic. Had we just accidentally kidnapped some minors? Thankfully we navigated a U turn towards Topside and our heart rates normalised. It was then that the chant : “My neck, my crack, my ….. and my back” echoed from the back seat. This time our mutual glance was one of complete shock as we erupted into a fit of giggles. I miss these adventures …. oao x