From the island of squirrels

23rd October 2015


I refrained from posting this last night as my head swayed like a pendulum over the keyboard, so instead I’ve shoved an extra image or two in from the rejected archive.
“How is it Thursday again?

I’m currently nestled on Roosevelt Island. With an abundance of squirrels and not much else I’m feeling a tad isolated but loving it here and gutted that time is whizzing by like mad. I do love New York and couldn’t be happier to be here; in fact I’m conjuring some epic plan to stay…

Travelling light is not my forte however I don’t have any new scans with me in my epic sized body bag suitcase. So this weeks post is a few images I’ve stumbled across, rejected from my archive but still hold memories. My initial aim of this blog was to produce a new image a week, which is something I always strive for. However with all the travel and excuses in the world I often fail to achieve this.

The time zone is throwing me so I’ll post three for the inevitable delay.

8 b

The first is one from a walk I did in Walthamstow last year. Exploring my neighbourhood I wandered around the town centre with an assignment. It was a playful task that only held one rule – double exposures. So look closely and you ll see that this warm faced gent is a double over a glass reflection. Double exposures are a great way to ease the pressure of if an image will or will not succeed. The image-maker is stripped back a certain amount of control and can rest smugly with the excuse of unpredictability. This is not to say there is no skill to this technique or degrade any double exposures but I must admit I feel slightly more relaxed knowing the element of chance will define my image…the pressure is reduced.

The second pic from this same shoot and was a scene I stumbled upon. Nothing about it is unusual if you break it down to a description but I felt like each character had a story and their warm interaction encouraged me to take a picture. It reminds me how rare it is we have decent sunshine in London.


The third picture is from the 24hr TIME shoot. Another out take from the Serpentine, which was definitely, my fav spot.  RA jokingly said that every time she’s with me on a shoot I always get inspired by other people hobbies and habits and vouch to take them on…she s totally right…I still haven’t taken a dip at 6 am in the river but I I’m determined to.

From the awesome apple OAO xx