Failure is productive

5th November 2015

wales 1


I hate driving.

Being stuck in a small space for more than an hour either sends me into a coma or a state of deep depression/boredom. Fortunately for me I had great company and a busy two-day shoot to organise. I texted and called like a PA on crack as we travelled in Dan’s old estate; pilled to the brim with enough kit to protect us from the welsh valleys, including a mighty generator just to boil the kettle (tea is fuel). We were heading eagerly to Snowdonia to try out an idea I had for a new project. Instead of braving the forces defenceless we had the blessing of GRIPVAN who kindly helped us out with Walky Talkies, tables, chairs, shelter etc… We were ready to set up camp wherever we found fit.

Our schedule was like an army itinerary as we were forced to pile in a recce and two shoots in two full days. Luckily for us we had an angel in the form of a young man named Connaire. Even a very masculine Dan left feeling like a woman, as this kid was like Mogley meets He-man. Full of beans, brains and brawns he drove us into hidden coves with a 4×4 he had virtually built and showed us the land he knew better than most. By 8 am we knew our locations and we had 20 subjects ready to go. We worked like dogs and I loved every second of it. Being out in the wilderness meant that despite being busy there was still an element of serenity and silence. However I feel like the sun was too harsh and we needed more time, a slower pace would have more organic and relaxing.

The pubs that are open only to residents had locked doors so we found ourselves in a bizarre pub/hotel where the dart board and cheap booze kept us amused until we strolled home in the darkness, testing our faith in Google maps.

The idea of the trip was to introduce me to my 5×4 and execute a simple but exciting new project idea. However,on return I was heartbroken when I got the films back to find they were in a word …crap. The images are disappointing but I have some constructive ideas of how to progress… after all…every trial, every bad picture and every disappointment is a step closer to fulfilment and a sign of learning.   I ve included a Polaroid that feel slightly more reflective of how much I enjoyed the trip…

Byddaf yn dychwelyd …..OAO x