Image of the week…

11th October 2013

In my own time zone I am slightly out of whether this is early, late or in purgatory but I’ll go ahead and post either way

These frames are from a shoot I did a while back for the Sunday Times Magazine.

When faced with a sensitive story I do all I can to mentally prepare myself to meet a potentially upset, nervous and fragile subject.

When I read the copy on how Bridget had courageously undergone a mastectomy recently I was expecting a shy and delicate subject to meet me at the door but to my relief a vibrant, chatty and warm lady answered. She was eager to assist and the shoot turned out to be light hearted fun. Whilst discussing the seriousness of her situation and the massive impact it’s had on her and her family, Bridget still allowed herself to be amazed by the technology and science that saved her life.

My highlight was playing with her new nipples that had arrived in a jiffy bag a few mornings prior…. OAO x