26th November 2017

This week brought with it some annoying and disappointing work news. So after drowning my face in Sauvignon Blanc, I reached out to a few oracle voices for some much-needed life coaching and inspiration. This is, of course, no excuse as I can’t even recall why I failed to post on Thursday. So I shall indeed share a few for my sins.

This was one of the most expensive pens I have ever bought. I was in Istanbul and this chap caught my eye. I am always curious as to people that just seem stationary. When I was teaching in Napoli I remember there was a man always to be found draped from his window between two plant pots. Ay time of day or night, that’s where he would be, just watching the world.

The second is another one from the Inside Out test I did a few weeks back. This lady’s eyes look so painful. It’s strange as she was so at ease, confident and full of enthusiasm. As we shot she talked about recent fashion shoots she had done but I this frame was when we were discussing something else. I find it so fascinating how a moment captured can reveal or portray a completely different emotion or side of someone. The perception of truth is mind-boggling.

oao x