Back in the room

11th December 2017

“Sorry, I just switched my phone on and got my emails. I cant do tomorrow, can we do Friday?”

The email arrives almost a week after the shoot. I smile and roll my eyes. Nailing Stef down was like chasing a chicken on ecstasy. When we eventually committed to a time and a place I anticipated it would be a rush. What I didn’t expect was how much I liked her. Stef is infectiously energetic, fun and sweet.

“My house is crazy” she messages me before we pull up to the warehouse and enter through a labyrinth of rooms to her little sanctuary. We gather a few bits to take to the skate park. Most essentially her ‘Hello Kitty’ contact lenses. Her long painted nails pop them in and we’re off.

(This shoot was for the latest HUCK fantasy issue)

As promised due to my site being dormant for a few weeks here s a few more images/tales to fill the space.

The snow today knocked me sideways and I began to reminisce about a time in Romania when the weather turned from T-shirt sporting 23 degrees to snowstorm bliss in a matter of 12 hours. I am beginning to realize my addiction to extremes.

A romantic landscape filled every scene and as we drove up the mountain in a hefty 4×4 I felt like an excited child. These trees seemed infinite as we climbed and I searched for the ‘best’ spot; before eventually realizing there wasn’t one.

After a few tenacious attempts at facing the landscape by foot we realized the truck reaching it’s limit was for a purpose- the snow had defeated us.

The icy wind pierced my bones as we balanced on the tip of a view point. My Hasselblad kept jamming. The snow drops peeking through on our climb took my breath away.

Weirdly I don’t recall much about this day. It was summer and the heat was overbearing. We escaped inside the cool house and Andrei pointed out the dead moths by the window sill. I think it was Easter.

I remember staring at the moths thinking how much they looked like sunflower seeds. I could not imagine them alive.

Now that the blog is up and running Ill be back to my weekly posts as of Thursday OAO X