For foose sake

21st January 2018

(A late post – my baddddd.)

I think any injury to the body is more painful on the mind. The only cure is good friends, inspiring conversations, books, films and as much work as possible to keep you occupied. This recent shoot for the Guardian weekend was about polyamory.

What I love about editorial assignments are the themes that rev the mind into a stream of questions. I was keen to meet Anita and see how the family dynamics work. How do you manage the jealousy? parenting? in-laws? …

Anita and the entire family were instantly welcoming. She talked openly and with strength. Monogamous relationships are challenging enough, so I was curious as to how she had overcome the complex hurdles of her decision. It was a sensitive shoot so I made some sketches beforehand of potential ideas. Thankfully everyone was keen, helpful and enthusiastic, especially Anita’s kids who took the best pictures of the day by far.