Familiar strangers

1st February 2018

I need to have as much mystery as possible when I shoot a portrait. Endless narratives and infinite outcomes keep the tension alive and maintain my curiosity. So shooting someone I know is dull, almost pointless. A present I have already unwrapped. Like a gorgeous sunset, you know you can never do them justice. They are more than flesh and light.

I can’t shoot my mother, she’s too close. My sister I can manage occasionally at a distance; because she evolves so rapidly and despises being photographed which is always a tease.

Hin has appeared in numerous images over the years. But as a prop, a figure and never as Hin.

Shooting him is equally challenging and daunting. I value his artistic critique but know him too well to find him a potential subject. For this I also had a brief- to make him as alluring as possible.

We surrendered for a local spot with little choice due to my blasted foot. Hin and I have walked together for years. The most fitting scenario would clearly be to grab a portrait on a random walk. In the mean time this will have to do.