A sexy Solero

8th June 2018

Shamefully I couldn’t post last week as Thursday whizzed by so Ill post it here

“It’ll be a rush but you should get about 20 mins at least” My mind darts back to when the PR for Sadiq Khan literally counted every second allowed of my allocated 9 minutes. I paused on minute 6 to explain I needed the bathroom.

Fortunately this PR was super chill and lovely but still when we arrived early and my eyes darted around the hotel room desperately hunting for a backdrop with an ounce of natural light. I jumped behind the bar and hurdled the various crates.

Lily arrived with her crew and we realized that time wasn’t an issue and settled into the leather sofas so stare at our screens and talk nonsense.

Lily had changed and as she glided over to where we were shooting her friend announced she looked like a sexy Solero. We all agreed.

It was a little rushed but enough time to get a few portraits and Lily was a treat.

OAO xx