Wasting time

1st June 2017

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gregory Crewdson this week and he made a comment that evoked a little bit of calm in me. I was asking him if he ever felt he was wasting time. His meticulous attention to detail and long form process made me wonder.

“It’s all part of one big thing. I try not to think of it as separate projects; it’s all related.”

I adore this forgiving and logical notion that actually in one way or another all of my photographic experiences are in some way connected. No image is a failure because it grants a lesson or motivation for the next time I press the shutter.

The disappointment with the last batch of film has sucked me into a pit of frustration but Gregory’s words offer some comfort. This Polaroid was from one of the days shooting that felt more positive than others. I had been planning to return to Lucky’s grandfathers’ house for a while (one year precisely we discovered). He united all of the clocks from his warehouse that he had either fixed or was in the process of repairing. I was lucky to have a subject that so closely aligned with my narrative and with the patience of a saint. It was like he had all the time in the world.

OAO xx