The endless search

16th March 2017

I feel like I spend a lot of time:

-In transit
-Finding things
-Losing things
-Breaking things
-Fixing things

So perhaps it’s time for another adventure.

A tired post I warn thee. At the moment I am delving through all of my negatives in search of a few for the shows coming up this year for the HSBC award. It’s a strange task. Despite being boring most of the time it is also a lovely reminder of moments easily forgotten. This image is from the trip with lucky. Rambling through the forest en route to meet some massive dogs we came across this guy. Lucky warned he might not be too receptive. Baked in light I watched him work and edged closer with caution. We spoke a little and I talked about work in London and looking back the conversation feels like a million years ago. I recall feeling like we talked for about an hour. Chatting whist I danced in between the twigs attempting to compose something, stay upright and not get in his way. This shot makes me want to run back to a forest for a bit.