Summer times

27th July 2017

I’ve just sobbed to the end of ‘The Karate Kid’ so I should really take that as a sign to go to bed. A quick post to remind me that summer should still be here. I have faith that soon any piece of grass in London will be a blanket of boozy faced smiles. An image from one of the hottest days of the year. It’s from the same day that I shot the paddling pools in East Tilbury and we took refuge in a post office for the air conditioning.

This coy beauty let me take her portrait before the group erupted into a display of gymnastics (including 2 gym mats being dragged out onto the street within seconds.) I recall feeling keen to practice my headstand before Rhiannon played my warden and thankfully dissuaded me. Hopefully this weekend will be a surprise scorcher and we can head back to Essex!

oao x