Stop off

12th July 2018

The bottle jumped erratically as the truck attempted to maneuver the rocky terrain. The natural carbonated spring water had turned a thick, cloudy yellow from the intense heat; it looked gross. I was pessimistic today but glanced with curiosity as we slowly passed a group of men playing dominos in an otherwise dead wasteland. Alex noticed my concentration and asked if he should stop. I shrugged. “Yeah, why not?”

He reversed and parked. I could see them half looking up and calculating our agenda as we approached. We flaunted a toothy grin and explained I was visiting and wanted to take some portraits. They were patient and agreed; happily letting us intrude. The wall behind was a perfect canvas and they remained engrossed in their game as I shot. It felt calm and time disappeared. We chatted some more and wished them well before heading back to the dirt track.

oao x