Laura Pannack
January 2020

Gomma Grant 2019: Shortlisted Photographer & Category Winner ‘Best Daily Life Story’

Shortlisted photographer for the official Gomma Grant 2019.

Category winner: ‘Best Daily Life Story’, Gomma Grant 2019 for ‘The Cracker’ series.

“Through a narrow alleyway you enter the Cracker; rolling grass lined with blackberries and stinging nettles. Motorbikes, peds and quads bark loudly at all times. The boys race them until they burn out, perfecting the art of the wheelie. Horses are usually kept in the back gardens or local stables and are just as popular.

On the adjacent side lies ‘The Lost City Estate’. Most of the boys meet at Jack Barrett’s bars (a metal fence that lies to the opening of the field). They perch and exchange stories, cigarettes and zoots alight referring to each other affectionately as ‘Mush’.

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