Magic tricks

13th October 2017

There’s nothing like a deadline and a bit of cash to propel a project forward in a short space of time and luckily for me, I had the great support around me I needed to embark on some very last minute tests. These ideas are still in motion but I wanted to share them anyway. ‘Work in progress’ seems to be an ever attached subtitle to any project. I’m not great at commitment and rarely feel saiety as ideas and concepts continue to whirlwind and the results remain inadequate.

I’m learning a lot but it constantly surprises me is how I often make the same mistakes over and over. For example, I refuse to use a light meter and instead childishly enjoy the game of ‘guess the exposure’. This hunch comes from a nostalgic vivid childhood memory I have of my dad.

We were sitting at his kitchen table surrounded by about 16 kittens and 4 cats and doing some kind of arts and crafts. We began to talk about photography and I asked him questions about how things worked. He explained that it was just painting with light and said that after a while his perception of the world shifted. He pointed to my cheek to demonstrate how he sees things in stops of light.

” This side is 2 stops darker than this side”

I remember feeling frustrated that I couldn’t see what he saw; I didn’t understand this concept and it remained an unattainable superpower until after years of trying to get my head around it; the concept of aperture and shutter speed clicked.

Although this lovely memory remains I still need to use a bloody light meter as after ten years I still haven’t perfected the art of the game.

The last image is of Jon…a favourite subject of may recognise that beautiful face ..

oao xx