Well hey there!

17th May 2015

lkpannack 001

Unfortunately this post will have to be a short one as I oh so skilfully, poured a bottle of water over my laptop…YAY! So typing this is a joke

I need to be more disciplined . I ‘ve slipped back into bad habits of belated posts so I herby promise next week will be a punctual one!

These images are from two very different shoots

This first picture is from a shoot for Channel 4. A production company is putting together a pitch and wanted to see how I shoot. Pulling out the joyful 5×4 I had two lovely models at hand. It’s always strange when you suddenly become aware of your own behaviour when shooting. I am always so immersed in what I am doing that I found it bizarre and slightly uncomfortable having such a watchful eye on my every move. I’m looking forward to seeing the footage.

My Romanian adventures (which I am currently craving) took me up into the mountains to forage and build. It was one of the loveliest days I have ever had shooting and one that I will remember forever. The images don’t do the day justice but the experience was epic.  After pushing our wagon as far as it could go ,we walked the remaining path noticing on day one that we had some fiends. 3 white dogs eagerly followed our trail, curious to see what we were doing in such a remote region. We decided their company would be useful the next day, so loaded the car with doggy treats and seduced them yet again up the snowy trail.

This little pup was the most committed and hung with us all day. Katherine and Lucky had to head to the airport so I remained in the beautiful landscape working away. I glanced over as I took a rest and saw our little friend frozen, staring back at me and decided to click a frame.

So before my computer decides to die altogether I’ll sign off with the promise that next week an image will appear on Thursday as per the rules