Broken condoms and bad light

30th January 2020

Damnnnnn I missed a week. Rules are rules so here are two for my sins.

Recently dusting off some old negs it’s been interesting to thumb through images shot 15 years ago.
I’ve been reflecting a lot about process and style and have found solace in the notion that all mistakes should be celebrated. When something unexpected is produced it triggers thought and that can only infuse more ideas.

This image was shot in Romania years ago and I am rewinding as much as I can to place where and when. I recall it being baking hot and Andrei and I were yet again driving around with a car full of props, sketchbooks full of ideas and not much of a clue what we were doing.

I’m annoyed when I look at this. I caught her facing the wrong way so she remains hidden and worn by the film. She is oozing innocence and her tights seem fitting to the Robin Hood character though. I remember balancing on that hill struggling as I peered down the viewfinder feeling rushed.

The second is from a day I arrived at The Lawns to find a group blowing up condoms. The little boy camera left displayed the most incredible array of cartoon expressions. Eyes bulging as he puffed with all his might to navigate the slippery latex. He was tenacious and eventually triumphant until suddenly the slimy condom whizzed off into the distance.