Image of the week…the unexpected goodbye

19th February 2021

I could feel the weight of an emotional farewell looming as we sat in Annabel’s stark room. The yellow walls and stain spotted carpet swallowed us; a few plastic boxes with her final belongings took centre stage. This was our last chance to grab a few shots of her and Mary before she moved out to live with a friend. Kip pranced about with itchy feet looking for clues, he knew something was up. As I loaded my film he affectionately punched me demanding attention . The penultimate shot inevitably had to be Mary spinning on Annabels desk chair. After spotting it when Annabel first moved in she had marvelled at it’s quality. “Give it a go” Annabel offered with an outstretched arm. As Mary gently lowered herself in, she smiled with giddy enthusiasm. “Fancy a spin?” Annabel suggested with hesitation. “Oh yes, go on then” Mary replied , bracing the arm rests as she twirled around several times letting out a spontaneous “weeeeeeee” Even if the image didn’t translate I didn’t want to miss out on witnessing this activity. After two spins we became fearful Mary might puke, or worse fall off so called the shoot to a close. With so much excitement Mary retired for her nap whilst we took Kip for a final stroll. Returning an hour later with a mud caked mongrel we loaded the car for the new abode. I said goodbye and announced that I would leave Mary and Annabel to their farewells. As I sat in the car I imagined the heart wrenching exchange. I pictured Mary sobbing, buried into Annabel’s chest as they both reminisced on a wonderful time together. Within minutes a dry faced Annabel slumped into the passenger seat dragging a plant onto her lap. I turned to her bewildered, awaiting a breakdown of the last goodbye. “She asked me to find a dog walker” Annabel announced blankly. “Anything else?” I quizzed “Nope” How strange I thought. Maybe it will take a few days to sink in. Despite the unemotional departure there’s no doubt that Mary, Annabel and Kip formed one hell of a bond since March. As I left Annabel in her new bedroom I smiled at the large double bed with fresh sheets. What a change. No more sofa beds and camping at Marys! oao x