Image of the week…the sly snout

31st January 2021

The clock strikes 1.15 and Mary arranges her tray. On a warmed china plate, she ladles some broth ,a slice of bread and butter gently resting on the side . For her sweet tooth, a cheesecake desert will suffice. Lastly, secured firmly under a glass dome a ceremonious block of cheddar . She slowly shuffles the dinner trolley against the thick carpet though the darkened hallway to reach her spot on the sofa. The lounge is vast and filled with paperwork, ornaments and books.
The winter sun kicks off the green walls splaying red light through the heavy theatrical curtains. Time stands still, the room is full but not messy. It’s a visual treat, I could spend hours absorbing its contents. The piano sits by the window, patiently attentive for its next student. Many a disciplined child have perched on the creaky wooden piano stool; mirroring Mary’s long fingers as they dance along the keys.

The news blares as she leans in eagerly to unveil the cheese. She lifts the cover to find only few stray crumbs of cheddar remaining; like a magician casting a trick. This daily occurrence never fails to surprise her.
“How does he do it?” she mumbles under her breath. An innocent but satisfied hound enters the room hesitantly seeking some attention.

Earlier he followed closely behind her entering the room, reaching his long snout under her trolley he scooped up his favourite treat. Kip can smell cheese a mile off and the matter of a glass shield dome is no feat for this expert thief.

Sensing the bitter tension in the air he leaves his owner to poke his head into Annabel’s room. Who knows, maybe more cheese lies there. I raise my head to see him enter and pronounce a large cheesy burp with no shame.