School’s out!

2nd August 2019

The countdown to the summer holidays was always met with an anti climax when a week later I realized how bored I was. I spent nearly every day of my holidays before the age of 11 with my best friend Danny. We played at the Rec or out the front. Rapidly entering teenage years our hangouts became less innocent.

Visiting Green Lawns last summer I was transported back to a time of just ‘hanging out’. As adults we consume our time in appointed slots with purpose. Every meeting has to be based on a verb or activity – drinking, walking, and eating. When we are young there is just a rough time and a spot. No expiry apart from a curfew if any. Our worlds aren’t different we just have less time and feel a burden of productivity. I’ve always had Peter Pan syndrome so immersing myself into a slower pace distracts me.

I love the anticipation of wondering who will be out to play. Will there be squeals and bikes zipping about in a fury. Or hunched over bored teens; itching for an activity, murmuring over speakers.

I would often park up to a desolate estate, not a person in site. Then suddenly a flurry of bodies would emerge from the concrete building or I would spot a familiar face in a secluded corner and we would walk towards each other casually. My favourite moments of course were seeing excited faces run towards me, eager to catch up.

What I admire about everyone I met is their warmth and creativity. There would always be a funny conversation or an adventure. A found object would be reborn into a toy or tool. I admire that effortless, instinctive and limitless imagination.
This summer I need to find an excuse to head back -OAO x