Late husbands…

20th December 2013

Whoops..hands up and waving a white flag I post apologetically for my unpunctual post

This weeks images come from the Romanian widow village. One house we entered had a rare sight.. a husband. This lady and her husband welcomed us kindly inside and we spoke of the how the village had a reputation for being filled mostly with widows.

Their abode was meticulously tidy and they proudly walked us through the colorful rooms where everything had an exact place. From the bedroom I curiously spied on the husband . I have no idea what he was doing …and still don’t. His wife was warm and gentle and I liked the way she kept looking at hands, playing with her nails.

I miss Romania and walking around London today I felt a pang of  intense  frustration. Perhaps it is the time of year , or simply the fact I woke up late, but remaining too comfortable in my home city can be hugely unproductive. I am itching to roam, tread new ground and relax… runaway. However a far greater challenge should be to stop moaning and  push myself into being productive here and now.

Anyway enough of this scrooge talk…I have my tax return to do…give me strength… OAO x