Back to school

25th October 2018

June seems like years ago.

One of my favourite things to do is revisit old negatives and ignite memories of what seemed like mundane moments during a trip.

In Armenia I recall the harsh sun threatening to appear so we dashed outside to get any soft light we could. We were a little too late but I’m glad we explored the option. The old school building was nestled deep in a tiny village. The students were calm and polite and as they followed us outside I remember feeling anxious that I would take up too much of their time.

On the drive back the girls with me suddenly became ecstatic as we passed a field bleeding with colourful flowers. They giggled and screamed with the frustration of not being able to do it justice with their cell phones. I laughed and slowed down the wagon and we all took a moment to breathe in the stunning view.

With sleepy eyes, Ill keep it short