Another land

28th March 2019

I’ve been moving house so having time to reflect on my fleeting trip to Israel has been stretched. This week I owe you two images.
The happiest I have felt recently was wandering unfamiliar land with the sun on my face and my trusty Hassy on my shoulder. It reminded me of how important it is to feel curious. A luxury I don’t take for granted.

These are a few images I shot simply to stop time, to appreciate where I was and reflect back later on a place I was walking. My feet followed characters, my eyes waited for patterns and I felt no rush or sense of expectation.

One of these was shot in Mea Sharim, a very religious area in Jerusalem. The cobbled streets and ancient buildings in a tiny hub feel like stepping back in time. Strangely since my last visit it feels more open, maybe it’s the familiarity. The constant rush and honking of horns tested my patience but the unique feeling of the community is engaging.

The next is an area a little further away. I didn’t have long until the music would blast from speakers announcing Shabbat. Around 6 the streets empty as the light fades…oao