That summer

21st February 2019

We wandered at a slow pace, the heat draining us as I kept my eyes peeled for people to shoot. An old lady waved at us from a window in flats above and we smiled. Two young girls were sitting on a bench and we began talking. I asked if they wanted their photograph taken and they excitedly nodded their heads and began chatting in Armenian.
As soon as I landed in the UK an Instagram message popped up from one of the young girls. Her features reminded me of a Disney character with a bouncy personality to match. When I look back at this I realize I didn’t even see the matching sandals or the sunglasses resting on her friends lap. All I recall is the moment afterwards when she pleaded we have a photo together. I remember huddling on a bench together and posing for the iPhone.

The second image if for my rubbishness last week. This bustling market was incredible for watching people fall asleep into giant tables full of cheese. It was so stuffy and a few ladies were sporting cabbage leaves on their heads to keep them in shade. These gents kindly invited us for a spontaneous picnic.