You wont know until you try

10th March 2016

The hardest thing about embarking on new projects is having enough faith in the idea to pursue it.

I’ve started a game adapted from my train roulette walks and I decided to trial it whilst in Leigh on Sea for the day to meet with a new gallery I’m really excited to work with. Like most seaside haunts I knew I d feel removed from London soil without having to commute far. The curse of the British climate swept through my many layers with force as I arrived in what seemed like a quaint town. It reminded me of what it would be like to be a member of a Sylvanian family. The shops had a village like quality and the atmosphere was calm and friendly. Fran kindly collected me and I gazed out of car window at the colourful high street.

After an inspiring meeting where I seemed to talk as though my voice was about to run out, we said our goodbyes and she wished me luck on my stroll. Sticking obediently to the rules of my game I roamed and seemed forever stuck in a labyrinth of suburbia. Each street lined with similar houses and hedges. Lots of vets, lots of hedges. As I came to the end I passed a small row of worn out shops near a school.

Often when asking someone if I can take their picture I get suspicious looks and drilled with questions. I spotted a schoolboy exiting the post office and asked to take his picture. He shyly agreed. As I loaded my film I asked his name and introduced myself. We shot for literally five minutes before he was about to dash I said

“Thanks Callum”…

“How do you know my name is Callum?” He said sharply, narrowing his brow.

“You just told me” I said a little surprised….

“Hmmmm I don’t think I did, this all seems a bit weird” He said; incredibly suspicious that he was inside The Truman show.

I did all I could to convince him before we parted ways…oao x