Washed off the page

1st May 2014

I found an uber talented girl named Katherine Cannon who puts Neil Buchanan to shame. After a bit of brainstorming we decided to very last minute create a set for a shoot with the lovely Gary Kemp. It was at the William Morris Gallery and the piece for The Sunday Times focussed on Gary’s love of Morris’s work and how he has been collecting pieces for years. Jeremy Deller had created some works about William titled English Magic. The bizarre and beautiful large art works leant themselves to a playful shoot so we decided it would be nice to integrate Gary into the scene.

After Katherine had worked her magic hands into the early hours on an insane tight turnaround she proudly produced a tiny ship built from card and some waves mimicking those in the painting. Adorned with props we hesitantly proposed our idea to Gary. Much to our delight he was hugely impressed and such a good sport. He effortlessly performed and remained so patient and enthusiastic throughout the entire shoot.

The editor loved the images and we looked forward to seeing them in the magazine a few weeks later….Alas disaster struck! Deller had seen the pictures and hugely disapproved. It was such a shame but completely understandable. Creations of art work are very personal and precious…still… it was a fun day out and I’d love to work with the team again…OAO xx