18th February 2016

Patience is not a trait I’m known for. I am obsessed with time. With it’s beautiful generosity and its cruel scarcity. I have always felt that it moves too quickly or drags out too slowly. When I’m shooting I feel a connection with time, we are on the same side; working together and not against each other. Even when squeezed into a suffocating window of say, 20 minutes, I still feel like we are dancing together. Shooting something that interests and intrigues me also eases my persistent boredom. It distracts and grips me.

I have started a new project that isn’t quite ‘working’. But I am eager to unravel why and see if I can make it connect. This image is from the test I did in Wales. The wonderful thing about time is how it intertwines with the environment. This moment was still. It was quiet. It was true and intense and although it was held within the structure of a shoot it was still isolated.

It was the only point on the shoot that I was alone with the subject. Perhaps not, a formula, but on this occasion I think it helped. The pressure subsided and the barriers dropped. Sometimes I think I forget to strip back a shoot to its’ bare bones of just being there, at that exact moment in time, with another person.