Very late tsk tsk

15th February 2013

Oh dear. A belated valentines post from a tired eyed, hung-over slacker… in fear of tipsy embarrassment I delayed the post until today.
This week’ is from an adventure with my friend Hin. As the rules of my blog state I must add more than one image for my unpunctual sins. So here are a few from our discovery of dino land in Portland.

In a truly magical conversation whilst exploring a quarry I quizzed Mr. Chua on what he would place in his ideal location to shoot. (I.e. a mash up of random elements to land in his dreamscape.) We discussed it and explored both of our photo fantasies only to turn the corner to be greeted by a remarkable land beyond our descriptions. The heated quarry lay bare of human trace but resembled a scientific experiment in a dinosaur park. Piles of rubber gloves lay amongst mountains of painted yogurt pots, pools of turquoise water ran between mechanical devices covered in dust and paint…. surreal but epic. Like children in a playground we shot whilst giggling in amazement.

Still to date the best location I’ve discovered on a walk with a friend. A beautiful shared experience.

laura_pannack 002