Image of the week…twigs

19th March 2021

Gazing up from the curb , Ella began to tell me about her puppy. Her high-pitched whisper came slowly as she played with some sticks by her tiny pink toes. Her brother Dillon was inside fetching the pupp.. She was calm and naturally contained her excitement exuding a comfortable aura. Funny how a 6-year-old can make you feel so at ease.

I recall at one point her laying on the hot tarmac rolling around as if in bed sheets as we chatted. She was adorable and fun.

My mother always spoke about the importance of a sibling affinity and her and Dillon were beautifully close.

As she fumbled with the twigs I asked her to lift them up. I held some up to my face and we giggled at the masks we exchanged. This picture gives me so much joy to recall how fun it was hanging out in Tas in the late summer sun, pink skies setting to the sound of cars tyres singing burnouts.