Time flies

12th July 2015


With a flight to catch and my head spinning, Thursday whizzed by. As the rules state, two images for slackness

Both are again from the BBC shoot. Gem Fletcher and I seem to overflow with ideas and often it is the doing that gets the cogs turning further. The cliché of the double exposure is an inescapable one, but when we live in a world where new always has to be different I often find myself standing up for old techniques. Why cut my nose off to spite my face. Double exposures are fun, unpredictable, creative and freeing. Because I can never really predict how the image looks l place less emphasis on executing a rigorously perfect frame… I play more.

I’m currently off to Arles  and doing folio reviews. I’m reminded that showing work in progress will test my thick skin and most likely plummet me into a depression,but hope it might be constructive. I’ve always shot instinctively and produced projects out of interest. To devise work to learn and grow and then produce something of intellect and beauty is a real challenge and one I’m yet to crack; but deep down I know taking pictures should be fun as well as a challenge regardless of the outcome. Those I admire shoot from the heart and sometimes purposely isolate themselves from the influence of other image-makers. Their finish line is not a book or a show and their work is engaging on both a basic and deeper level. I’m looking forward to revisiting some classic Walker Evans and Stephen Shore, as well as  some new treats in Arles.

I often feel like I’m searching for ‘the one’ and I think this is silly. I crave a journey to encapsulate me and ultimately take me away from reality. Getting swept up in a project is like a romance and the idea of being whisked off my feet is a fantasy. Romania occasionally gives me hints of that…foraging for wood in the mountains and then building nests in the snow does give me space and time to reconnect and equally escape; it’s bliss. However these moments of utter escapism are short, few and far between. In the mean time all I can do is think, play, enjoy and do, and hopefully learn a few things. OAO x