Image of the week… The first city guide I’ve bought

27th June 2023

The first city guide I’ve ever bought took my feet to this colourful jungle. A much needed injection of sunshine hit me as I headed via a lively maze of colourful battered streets.
The sensory overload was fulfilling and as I swerved the pedestrians on broken pavements I felt like I could walk forever. I was entertained.
After circling the point on my map twice I began to surrender to the idea the wall had been refurbished and the guide book now void.
Then the grunts called me to turn right. The concrete jungle gym did exist . As expected it was an Alex Webb mess that needed to be fiddled with until the balance landed comfortably. Light, shapes, people and shadows all fought for attention.
I shot a few frames but this one seems to sum up what I was hunting for which was to simply to cut some shapes and grab some light.
Oao x