Testing testing , one, two, three

28th August 2014

This weeks image is a sneak peak from the test shoots I have been doing in preparation for my next adventure for ‘Youth without age, Life without death.’ Myself, Katherine and Andrei have been working hard spending many an hour philosophizing about how to convey our ideas and play. It’s a continually fun process in which I am learning and the fear of failure still lingers which in turn motivates me to dust myself off.

This is from the second shoot and is inspired by a scene we mapped out clearly called ‘The holder of time’. We found an ideal location that could not have matched what I had dreamt up more closely. The test shoots have been divided between complete experimental imagery as well as defined and produced scenes.

I am looking forward to feeling a little more settled on the project, but in the mean time the journey resonates closely with that of the main character in the tale, from which this project emerged. Like him, I am searching, tenaciously to stop time and capture it.

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