21st August 2014


I enjoyed today. I shot stills and moving for a commission from TIME. I usually avoid video like marzipan but actually it was fun , smooth and stress free. My brain only works in single stages and to be fair the footage needed was very basic but I must admit it has made me slightly braver when pondering whether to  utilise my 5D to its full potential and have a play. Still images for me will always feel familiar , as will analog. However taking new steps and learning new skills is always a rule.   This weeks’ post echoes this as I ve been experimenting more with double exposures. This was from a recent overdue stroll with RA. We decided to set off on our excursion unusually early. Rambling about Barking , we coincidently talked a lot and found many a dog. This image is from a short encounter with a serene looking resident and a slightly more intimate portrait with one of many dogs we met belonging to an adoring owner sporting a fair number of excitable pooches. He was lying on the grass surrounded by mongrels weaving around him, panting and demanding affection. Cute. But I prefer cats.   Until next Thursday …OAO kids xx