Swapping decisions..

2nd April 2015

lkpannack 008

This week I need some help.
I am delighted to report that just in time for the deadline I managed to squeeze in a last swap for Stuart Pilkington. (https://www.theswap.info/). Stuart is one of the most supportive shooters out there in the photographic community. He brings together image-makers and encourages them to embark on mini projects which he then show cases.
My victim of choice was the wonderful Lydia Goldblatt. We’ve been friends for a few years now and this shoot was another excuse to take a stroll and catch up. However we made it simply five steps outside of my house and planted ourselves in front of a backdrop. I explained to Lydia that I wanted to do some double exposures on black and white and she seemed keen and intrigued. For a few hours we played ‘lose the dark slide’ and danced between shooter and subject. As ever… a fun escapade with LG and now I need to choose one…any advice? oao x