Poop everywhere…

15th May 2014

A short post as usual my eyes are weary.

This weeks image comes from the work in progress ‘Youth without age and life without death’ . Pushing people to their limits is a huge trait of mine and I often test the patience of those I photograph. However I’ve never had a subject defecate mid shoot…. until now.

This little fella was victim to an idea I had ; and with the incredible understanding and kindness of some of the lovely people we met, we managed to coax him into position.

Seducing him with rewards of seeds and doing our best to keep him calm I built the set around the bird. The turkey for me is a bird I strongly associate with death . It is  bred largely to die as they produce little else use to us – (fact of the day : turkey eggs are much fewer, and turkey meat is relatively expensive, so it would kind of be a waste (economically) to eat turkey eggs)

Anywhoo my thanks go out to lovely couple who took no offence when the boy began to poo on the table cloth. Embarrassed and ridden with guilt I apologized but they insisted it was fine . Poor little boy…. he received cuddles and seeds galore afterwards.

OAO xxx