No storm

24th July 2014

London life…or perhaps freelance life in general lends itself to scatty plans, postponed arrangements and the ever changing scribbling that is my diary. However if you really want to do something or see someone, eventually, if you’re lucky it happens. Lydia and I have spent most of a year leaving each other after a lovely evening of wine and photography with the words I often say to people I don’t know well enough: ” We must go for a walk”.

Abandoning the social photography hub we both craved a stroll, a catch up and in general a little bit more of each other’s minds. I was delighted when the reply to my request of strolling in a thunderstorm was met with enthusiasm and excitement.

So, decked with out with a sack full of waterproofs, brollies and film, we meet at Finsbury park . Lydia suggested the short but charming stroll along the old east London line. The nothingness along the way provided a perfect relaxing vacuum for good banter without distractions. It was nicely broken up with the occasional tree house or weekend stroller upon the way ( often with matching canine). It’s often a battle of the divided mind to give the conversation full attention whilst keeping a hawk mind on your surroundings. Usually this conflict fades and eventually the mind arrives at a mutual balance and can relax and let go of one or the other.

Testing out my skills at double exposures I decided to have a play….much more practice clearly needed but as always the simple process of engaging with others and clicking the shutter was a treat.

Alas the storm never came and the heat continued to pound (which is never something to complain of). This was my last frame from the stroll and one I am gutted I didn’t get. This was an initial instinctive snapshot but after introductions and framing up… my film ran out. I managed to pinch a few shots off of Lydia’s camera but, as ever the moment was gone…another stroll, another frame please..OAO x