20th December 2012

Remember the dreaded pink letter arriving home to inform all the parents that someone in the class had nits? You prayed it wasn’t you…. Please don’t let the lergi have started from me…

Whilst at Ashleigh’s there was a sudden screech as she spots an egg in Ayesha’s hair. Ayesha squirms and the idea that creepy crawlies are on her makes her plead to be cured.

As Ashleigh sifts through her hair I have an overwhelming nostalgia of my own mother doing the same; using the tiny comb as I lean over, blood rushing to my head and towel around my neck. I remember the potent smell of the old Lice killing solution, forcing us both to complete the task in the back garden as I sulk.

These are the small moments that remind me of Ashleigh’s natural ability to soothe and care for her children.