Naked assignment

5th June 2014

After a lovely weekend in Poland I stopped momentarily to pack my bags for a naked assignment in Turin, Italy. Neon magazine decided it would be a interesting experiment to pay a war correspondent to shed her attire at a naturist camp in Italy and asked me to shoot it. They had seen YBN and wanted to replicate this but with the addition of the focus being on the writers’ first experience of naturism.

Poor Terry arrived looking like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights and clutching a camping mat and a weeny tent. After a chilly first evening we met some lovely Dutch visitors and tried to get to know the many different nationalities of young people all visiting the camp for the next 5 days.

I awoke the next morning reminded of my situation as I emerged into the light with several pair of genitals waving about. Terry had decided a sauna may be the best way to first experience being publicly naked but I thought that in the natural environment would be far more bizarre, liberating and unusual.

Despite being no stranger to the environment it never seizes to feel surreal having breakfast with numerous other strangers in the nude. Munching on my cocoa pops I strained to keep my eyes on faces. After brekkie Terry followed the group to the courts and decided was time.

Alas this weeks post will not be the images as they are unreleased. Instead , a  polaroid I shot of one half a lovely Dutch couple due to feature strongly throughout the piece. This is Judith.

OAO xx