Missed you

15th August 2013

baby village 001

First and foremost…Sorry! For the first time in ions I was not able to post last Thursday. In the beautiful land of Romania I was internet-less and conjuring up my excuses.
For my sins I hope that this week’s post brings tales and and that all is forgiven. I decided to FINALLY ( after years of procrastinating ) make my way to Romania. Since 2011 it’s been a slight obsessive desire to visit for no other reason than Danny returning having vented it was magical. I had a fantastic sidekick who was essential in not just translating but also assisting me in every way possible. Odeta aided my research and helped me wooo those I wanted to shoot. She was patient and dedicated.

After an initial reflection I am already itching to return . One beauty of driving is that it is possible to simply jump out and ambush people that capture your eye and imagination. After a short stroll in the relentless 40 degree heat we returned to the car. Upon almost reaching our next port of call with the light on its last legs we stopped to capture this little girl. Her hair beaconed . As I stepped out of the car I could see her walking towards us and agreed her pure white locks were stunning.

In summary, the main thing I have learnt from my short trip is that the frustration felt from not speaking a language is extreme. When connecting with others is your priority, language builds bridges and being stripped of your independence can be a burden to say the least. Entering new lands can also be frustrating as learning about a new culture, way of life and way of communicating takes time and experience. However this is why I travel, and I can only hope that with practice my understanding develops.

baby village 001

Two pics for my slackness , OAO x