Lost roll

21st September 2018

It’s Friday…again

7 years. Still apologizing

As this late post reflects, I can be a little scatty at times and I also tend to loose things on a constant basis. I saw Vanessa Winship’s show at the Barbican recently and as I read her diaries and letters I smiled at the familiarity of her stories. She spoke about how she accidentally locked herself out of a friends flat leaving behind an entire bag of shot film. In the beautiful way that shooting can help me escape from my monkey brain, it can of course also make me obliviously forgetful.

For the past 3 hours I’ve emptied every pocket and bag I own and I still can’t locate the roll I’m looking for. Maybe I didn’t shoot it; maybe the image I have lodged into my brain is a false one. I vividly remember giggling after I took the frame; anxious to know if I caught the little boys’ hilarious face; eyes crossed, cheeks puffed out. I’ll never know.

Here are another 2 (as per the rules) one from The Cracker project in progress and the other from my time in Armenia.

Unlike the girls these boys were feral, uncontrollable and impossible. After playing cat and mouse for an hour I found myself and Ana taking on the role of teachers. We sent the most disruptive child outside and explained if they wanted pictures we needed to communicate and create more of a calm atmosphere. Thankfully Ana’s skills as a teacher came in handy and they began to settle down. This physics room was one of my favourites. Finally conversation began to flow a little more softly and I shot whilst the boys played with some strange geometric shapes that were on display.